28 March 2011

Out now: COLORS 80


The magazine "that talks about the rest of the world" blends words with pictures in a completely illustrated edition. The eightieth issue of COLORS celebrates the superheroes of our day: men and women, weak or strong, rich or poor, all united by a common wish: the good of people and of the world. "Real people" who do extraordinary things for others, and who, in different ways, contribute to improving society.

For this issue COLORS has met some real-life superheroes, who face the baddies of our everyday world with courage and self-sacrifice: the damaged caused by the collapse of economies and by rampant pollution, the destruction caused by wars, the poverty of ignorance and antrocities.

COLORS 80 is for sale at newsagents, bookshops and in the App Store in four bilingual editions (English, French, Spanish or Korean).

04 March 2011

Daisy Kroon, Blue Lodge

Blue Lodge the name of Daisy Kroon´s latest collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Inspiration for this collection was the fabric with the floral pattern. Daisy: "I found the print extravagant, certainly not beautiful, yet it became the starting point for my collection".

Her inspiration not only came from the floral pattern but Twin Peaks, a TV-series from the 90s by David Lynch, played a big roll as well. She was also reading Virginia Woolf, add to this the music of Angelo Badalamenti and a spherical, somewhat obscure location. But it could also been her hollidays to Sweden, where she swam in the lake wearing yellow 70s bathing suits. This bathing suit is also in the collection other eyecatchers are a lovely purple dress with big pockets, thight rust-brown trousers and a pair of bermudas that is slim at the waist and flare at the hip.

Credits photography: Pim Top

More information and points of sale are available on the site of Daisy Kroon.

02 March 2011

Giant shoes @Fratelli Rossetti press presentation

February 27 Fratelli Rossetti showed her new Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection in Milan. To tell the story of the new Fratelli Rossetti women´s collection they asked designer and artist Rebecca Moses. She created a world of very stylish girls who revere, admire, fly play, wear and live with and for their shoes.

Look at the girls and the shoes they live in

Rebecca Moses in front of New York

The famous statue in Brussels

Rebecca's illustration of Beijing

Among the many beautiful shoes illustrated is the 'Rebecca', the key model for the winter season, inspired by and dedicated to her.

The 'Rebecca' shoe

The 'Rebecca' shoe, was transformed into a giant shoe by art director Ernesto Mameli. The shoe could be seen in front of the Fratelli Rossetti boutique at the via Montenapaleone in Milan till the 1st of March.

The giant 'Rebecca' shoe in front the boutique in Milan