18 December 2009

Get it done

Yesterday evening 'Get it done' was launched on the top floor of the former ABN AMRO building in Amsterdam. Visitors were treated to a special performance by singer Wende Snijders and a fairytale view on the canals covered in snow. Founder/actress Hanna Verboom looked stunning in a golden MATTIJS jacket.

Visit their website and support the projects!

GET IT DONE is a new way to get aid projects done.

Aid used to be simple, personal, direct. Somehow, it has become all about the middlemen, about big anonimous organisations helping equally anonimous 'victims'. The personal connection is missing and results are often invisible. GET IT DONE brings aid back to where it once started: as the basic human activity of taking care of each other.

Tapping into the huge potential of existing online social networks such as Hyves and Facebook, GET IT DONE is about you, your friends, your project. Each selected project is given a webpage and a widget, a mobile mini-website. You can place the widget of a project you like on your personal profile page and share it with your friends. Once placed, the widget functions as a 'window' through which you can communicate and will be updated about your project's progress. The widget makes it easy to make a donation and/or do-nation. No middlemen, no fees.

On GET IT DONE, the people who run projects locally are called MAKERS. They are responsible for a successful completion of their project. The people who actively promote projects within their online social network are called MOVERS. They function as a bridge between the project and potential donors, or, as we call them, SHAKERS: those who place the widget, share it, donate and/or do-nate. MAKERS, MOVERS and SHAKERS can get their project DONE quickly and (cost)efficiently. Together.

10 December 2009

Steven De Wilde - Honeymoon Suite

Steven De Wilde presented his new Haute Couture Brides Collection on November 26th 2009 at the Antwerp Hotel 'De Witte Lelie'. The magnificant surroundig of the Hotel was the perfect setting for his dresses. His signature was clearly visible in the collection which gave a nice overview of his work.

09 December 2009

Wolford's shimmering X-mas

Dazzling accents or sparkling allure - exciting new creations for putting together stunning looks over the festive period.

Covered with dozens of sparkling stones from the neckline across the shoulders to the back, the STARS String Body is as breathtaking as a night under the real stars. In contrast, loose gold threads provide the shimmering accents along the neckline of the SHIMMER Body. The bewitching effect of this string body's opaque/transparent corsage-effect unfolds as it follows the contours of the female form.

SERAPHINE guarantees a dazzling entrance from head to toe. Sparkling crystals decorate the transparent net-pattern neckline of this fabulous cocktail dress. The pretty details such as the delicate velvet band at the sleeve and neck and the seductive ruching make this dress utterly captivating.
The matching tights in elegant fishnet design with carefully positioned crystals are the perfect way to complete the look.

Graceful and gorgeous glitter and shine. With sparkling crystals LIMELIGHT prettily covers the parts which should be merely hinted at rather than revealed - a lingerie highlight. The very fine, transparent fabric is studded all over with glittering crystal elements - a sparkling firework on a refined black background. Very elegant and yet sexy!

02 December 2009

Start bidding for War Child

From this week on, all customized Desert Boots will be auctioned for charity. So start bidding on your favourite pair via Ebay.

It's ace to see Sneakerfreaker supporting our project!