30 November 2011

Fratelli Rossetti & De Telegraaf

Last week, on behalf of Italian shoe brand Fratelli Rossetti, we invited Dutch journalist Michou Basu from De Telegraaf to visit the brand's headquarters in Parabiago, about 20 kilometers from Milan.

Not only did she write a story for last Monday's edition of the nationwide newspaper, she also explains the craftsmanship involved in shoemaking in a clip shown on De Telegraaf's website. Fratelli Rossetti is particularly known for the traditional and timeconsuming way of shoemaking which takes over 150 steps. Most of the people involved in this process have decades of experience.

Fratelli Rossetti is a family business now led by the second generation, brothers Diego, Luca and Dario Rossetti. In Belgium, Fratelli Rossetti has flagship stores in Antwerp and Brussels and in the Netherlands all Bijenkorf department stores sell the collection.

Antwerp Press Presentations Wednesday the 9th and Thursday the 10th of November

Although it may be hard to believe, we at Never On Wednesday Antwerp have already been enjoying the summer 2012 for some time now. Since our press presentations on the 9th and 10th of November we are surrounded by bright colors, flower prints, flipflops, sunglasses, and even swimwear in our showroom.

Not only did we skip the upcoming cold winter and are we already living up the sweet summer of 2012 in our Antwerp showroom, we also invited some new clients to celebrate the summer with us and set the right mood. With sunglasses from TruTrussardi, Esprit, Puma and Elle, flipflops from Betula and beachwear from Vilebrequin we are ready as can be for the summer to come…

Have a sweet summer 2012

Never On Wednesday Antwerp.

29 November 2011

“PIN UP” the knit that enhances your curves

United Colors of Benetton is about to single-handedly alter all preconceived notions about the sweater by launching "Pin Up".

There is no need anymore to hide under those loose winter knits! United Colors of Benetton’s new exclusive knitwear technology called “Pin Up” will have women embracing their curves from now on.

Sure, everyone knows sweaters are comfortable, and offer necessary protection against nature’s elements, but did you ever consider a sweater for a romantic date or as a way to show off your God-given curves?

As the leaders in knitwear, Benetton designers considered the 3-dimensional form when developing the technology for “Pin Up”, allowing its wearer to stay ahead of the curve by enhancing the bust and waist. The magic-making technique eliminates the extra fabric that can conceal a woman’s sultry curves and adds carefully placed stitching that is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Don’t take our word for it; the alluring knits need to be worn to fully comprehend just how they’ll compliment the figure.

The sexy “Pin Up” sweaters are offered in an inspiring variety of designs and colors, so that everyone can find the perfect figure-flattering style. Styles include a short sleeve crew-neck that can be worn under the button-down cardigan. Additional styles consist of a saucy scoop-neck and a more demure cowl-neck. An array of colors will be available, from more neutral ones, such as white, grey and black, to those more fashionable as red, blue and green.

What do you think? Will you wear a "Pin Up" sweater on your first next date?

The collection is available in stores now. For more information: Benetton

25 November 2011

Friday must-have: Claudia Sträter

For everyone who feels like shopping this weekend, make sure to stop at Claudia Sträter! From the perfect party collection to these must-have winter items, we are sure you´ll find whatever you´re looking for.

Have a good weekend!

Find the closest Claudia Sträter shop.

23 November 2011

Scapa Home winter collection

Back to basics, back to the roots, back to nature. That´s what it is all about.
Nothing beats making yourself warm and comfortable in your own house whilst it is getting colder and colder outside.
So have you decided on how to make your home winter-proof yet? Let this Scapa Home collection inspire you, as it has everything to make your house ready for winter.

For in the bedroom

For your living room

For all dinners with friends and family

Lovely plaids to keep nice and warm

And last but not least, the Scapa Home collection also has the perfect gifts for this holiday season. What about the nice frames in the top picture? Nice scented candles or home accessories? There is something for everyone.

Scapa Home

22 November 2011

TOV Essentials sample sale

TOV Essentials invites you to their sample sale this Friday and Saturday.

Perfect to either spoil yourself or find your Christmas presents.
So don´t miss it!

Will we see you there?

Friday 25 November: 16.00 – 20.00
Saturday 26 November: 8.00 – 13.00

Zamenhofstraat 108, unit 8 en 9, Amsterdam.
Free parking in front of the building

TOV Essentials

21 November 2011

Tosca Blu charity bag

This December Tosca Blu, always sensitive and attentive to supporting various charity initiatives, presents you the “Miss Leopard”.
This exclusive limited edition bag has been created to support the Stop Aids project by CESVI.

The Miss Leopard bag, soon to be added to the AW11/12 Tosca Blu line, is made from a quality patent calfskin hide. The leather has been rendered with an elegant animal print.
The bag will be on sale from the 1st of December -which is World AIDS Day- and Tosca Blu will donate part of the sales proceeds to CESVI.

The official presentation of the new Miss Leopard shall take place in the evening of 1st December, marking the worldwide fight against HIV.
Patron of this event and the new Miss Leopard bag is Cristina Parodi, who has been a supporter of CESVI’s humanitarian projects for many years.

The bag will be available in all the mono-brand Tosca Blu shops around the world and on their online shop, during the entire Christmas period for €159.00.

Tosca Blu

CESVI is an independent, secular Italian humanitarian organisation operating worldwide, dealing with all forms of emergencies as well as realising development projects in more than 30 countries around the world. The Stop Aids project is conceived for the activities of sensitisation, testing, and curing, and aimed at stopping mother-child transmission of the virus.


18 November 2011

Friday must-have: Blackstone shoes

Blackstone for women

Since it´s now really freezing cold outside - we chose this Friday must have especially for you. Keep your feet nice and warm this weekend in these Blackstone shoes lined with sheep wool.

Blackstone for men

Have a good weekend!

16 November 2011


With its new worldwide communication campaign United Colors of Benetton invites the leaders and citizens of the world to combat the “culture of hatred” and creates the UNHATE Foundation.

Obama and HU Jintao

"Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world.
By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased."
This quote from the Sutta Pitaka sums up the principles inspiring the UNHATE campaign, which Benetton has created with the aim of contrasting the culture of hatred and promoting closeness between peoples, faiths, cultures, and the peaceful understanding of each other's motivations.

Sarkozy and Merkel

The central theme is the kiss, the most universal symbol of love, between world political and religious leaders, such as: Barack Obama and Chinese leader Hu Jintao; Pope Benedict XVI and Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb, Imam of the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo (the most important and moderate centre for Sunni Islamic studies in the world); the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama and Chavez

These are symbolic images of reconciliation - with a touch of ironic hope and constructive provocation - to stimulate reflection on how politics, faith and ideas, even when they are divergent and mutually opposed, must still lead to dialogue and mediation.

Myung Bak and Jong Il

Abbas and Netanyahu

For more information:
UNHATE Foundation
Benetton Press Group

15 November 2011

COLORS 82 - SHIT: a survival guide

Feces. Excrement. Stool. Poo. Caca. Its name changes but not most people’s reaction to it. Poo is something we ignore or treat with disdain. It repels us. It’s kept behind closed doors and never mentioned in polite company. But in its new issue, Shit. A survival guide, COLORS looks straight down the pan, exploring the truths behind the taboo, and the reasons why we should start to take shit seriously.

In Japan toilets have undergone a major growth in less than a century: thanks to heated toilet seats and a built in bidet the `Toto´ has become a popular product.
Japanese Toto

But, today some two-thirds of the world’s population have no toilet or latrine. They relieve themselves at the roadside or in fields, contaminating water sources and food. Over 90% of diarrhea is caused by the contamination of food, water, or fingers with shit, and although diarrhea is just a banal intestinal virus for those with a toilet, every year it kills more people than AIDS, malaria and TB combined.

Bolivian `squatters´

South African toilets

Feces is a weapon of mass destruction and a nightmare of biological pollution, but it is also a fuel and a fertiliser. It can heat, feed, cure. It’s the world’s most underrated resource, and it can save lives. In Butare prison in Rwanda, the inmates’ shit is treated and turned into biogas, which is then used to cook their meals.
Rwanda prisoners

The toilets in Christchurch, New Zealand, became unserviceable when an earthquake hit the city in 2011. But the inhabitants got around the problem with a bucket, a pit in the garden and a few sparks of creativity. The resulting `Do It Yourself´ toilets became a symbol of local pride. Take a look at what they created: Show us your longrop

DIY toilets + manual

This issue of COLORS was inspired by The Big Necessity (published in the UK by Portobello Books in 2008 and translated into Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic), a book by the British writer and journalist, Rose George, a former COLORS senior editor.

COLORS 82 - Shit is on sale from October 2011 in four bilingual editions (English + Italian, French, Spanish or Korean).

It is also purchasable online here.

11 November 2011

Friday must-have: New Yorker amisu & smog

Need some inspiration for your new winter closet? Have a look at this behind the scenes movie made during this seasons photoshoot - and use your weekend to go shopping!

Have a good weekend!

New Yorker

Mode Marché 9.5

The most creative stock sample sale in the Netherlands, Mode Marché, will take place again on Saturday November 12th, in the center of Rotterdam.

And this time it´s not super shopping in one location, but two! The independent initiative by Iconique Fashion Magazine and Stylevation Army will take place at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and in the monumental church Arminius - where the Mode Marché once started.

Mode Marché is a stock sample sale with an approachable yet stylish character, where both young and established Dutch designers have a chance to sell their clothing, accessories, fabrics and sample collections to their fans.

This year both the talented young designer DAISY KROON and well known designer JEROEN VanTUYL will be present at the Mode Marché.

Expect great designers, cheap bargains, new and old collections.
Oh, and don't forget to bring cash.

Mode Marché 9.5
Saturday November 12 at
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Museumpark 18-20 Rotterdam
Arminius, Museumpark 3 Rotterdam

Hope to see you there!
Mode Marché

07 November 2011

365 days of Clarks Originals

David van Dartel, a sixteen year old boy from the Netherlands, recently started his own photo project. As a huge fan of his Clarks Originals shoes, he decided to photograph them each day for a whole year.

As he states himself "I'm going to start a new photo project, called : 'Me, my Clarks and I'. From now I'll post a photo every day, of my Clarks (+ me sometimes). From where I am, till what I've done at a day. I've got two pair Desert Boots from Clarks now, and I hope a 3th is coming soon!
I'm doing this because I think the Desert Boot of Clarks is a great shoe. It's timeless, simple, casual and just nice."

In his own opinion he is still in search of his own style, but we say he´s doing a pretty good job already.
Will you follow David this year?

David´s Flickr

04 November 2011

Friday must-have: Fratelli Rossetti shoes

Fratelli Rossetti is well known for their handmade leather shoes. And what´s better than to spice up your weekend with a pair of glamourous shoes?

For the ladies there are lovely glittery shoes as well as brogues for those who prefer a more androgynous look.

And as for the gentlemen, there´s this pair of crocodile leather - completely made out of one piece.

Have a good weekend!
Fratelli Rossetti

02 November 2011

Claudia Sträter party collection

Bad weather, long, busy days and still a long way till Christmas: time to focus on good & pretty things.
And we know exactly with what; the Claudia Sträter winter collection.

The festive themes `Party´ and `Cold Winter´ are perfect to light up these days. Have a look and start making your wish-list for this holiday season.

The Party theme sparkles with sequins, modern metallic and fake fur items.
For the Cold Winter theme there are also fake fur items such as shawls and collars in vibrant colours. Next to this one of the biggest catwalk hits, snakeskin prints, is translated onto dresses and tops in cobalt and fuchsia.

Inspired about what to wear for Christmas?

Claudia Sträter