08 September 2011

Opening Lana Sutra

Last Tuesday, 6th of September, Benetton hosted a triple, simultaneous event in three of their concept stores to launch “Lana Sutra”, created by Erik Ravelo.
Besides hosting three actual events, the opening was also streamed live in the digital shop-window Benetton Live Window.

Take a look at the video to see the opening for yourself.

Erik Ravelo, a Cuban artist is the creative director of Fabrica.
The First of his series “The position of the Tiger” was shown at the Italian Pavilion during the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.
Because of it´s succes, Benetton chose to display the whole series.
For one week “Lana Sutra” can be seen in Istanbul, Milan and Munich.
And after that it will travel the world to various Benetton stores, so who knows; you might be able to go and see for youself!

“Lana Sutra” is a series of 15 installations which embodies the idea of colour and a wollen thread uniting human kind. The series are a homage to love and dedicated to the desire for an equal and sharing world.

Inspiration for the series was Ravelo´s take on the Kama (= pleasure) Sutra (= a thread which unites). All installations consist of two bodies embracing and covered in woollen threads, uniting them.
The colours of the threads are the same as the colours in United Colors of Benetton Fall-winter collection, which is in stores now.

Next to the the 15 installations “Lana Sutra” has it´s own soundtrack. This was specially composed by Francesco Novara, a musician also working at Fabrica.
Listen (and download) it right now.

Lana Sutra by benetton

“Lana Sutra” can also be seen on the Benetton Facebook and Twitter and a special edition of Colors Magazine named ´Colors Love´ will be dedicated to the differences that are overcome by love.

Check these and our blog to stay updated about “Lana Sutra”!