13 July 2011

New issue COLORS81 - Transport

Oil powers 90% of transport, but this resource is running out very quickly. In a not-too-distant future we will no longer be able to fill the tanks of the 140 million cars driven in the United States today, nor shift from one port to another the 100 million freight containers loaded every year onto cargo ships, nor manage to keep in the air the 500,000 people who are presently flying somewhere around the world.

Shocking information we can´t ignore anymore, but what is the solution? COLORS81 is about creative people finding another way to move themselves and others. COLORS81 is not only a magazine about these people and their ideas but can be used as a veritable “user manual” (and survival guide) about how we can all make our own alternative, sustainable means of transport with our own hands.

Like Wu Yulu, a creative Chinese farmer who decided to build a customised vehicle to transport himself and his wife to market. Seated comfortably on his rickshaw, he lets Wu Lao 32 ferry him around.

Wu Lao 32 the robot

But Wu Yulu is not the only one with an ingenious idea, Chen Shengui decided to find his own solution to the transport problem in China, the leading solar panel manufacturing country in the world today. Chen invented the first prototype of a solar energy car. He hopes that, sooner or later, the government will give financial support to this project in a country where more than 500 million vehicles will be on the roads by 2020.

The solar energy car made by Chen Shengui

And like we in Holland know and use for many, many years: the bike. Can be used in many ways and does not need any fuel.

More than 600.000 bikes in Amsterdam


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