10 October 2011

Fratelli Rossetti press presentation Milan

On the 23rd of September at Fratelli Rossetti´s Gallery in Milan,
Fratelli Rossetti presented their SS12 collection for women together with the new `Masters Hands´ exhibition.
Both the new collection and exhibition are based on the core values of Fratelli Rossetti: innovation and tradition.

The new collection
For instance, tradition can be found in the materials used in the SS12 collection. For some of the shoes materials from old collections were used in an innovative way, giving the collection a modern feeling.

Other shoes are woven with special and traditional techniques.

George Esquivel
Once again guest designer George Esquivel returned and not only did he design new styles, he also gave Fratelli Rossetti classics an innovative twist.

One of Fratelli Rossetti´s iconic shoes is the moccassin `Brera´. The Brera was developed in the sixties by Renzo Rossetti and was revolutional during the sober Italian period because of the `tassels´ they have on them.
This season, the tassels have been used as an inspiration for the `Hobo´. George Esquivel enlarged the traditional tassels and designed two-toned shoes in the softest leather. The soft heel of the `Hobo´ also makes it possible to wear it as a slipper when desired.

Another innovating technique George Esquivel applied was the washing of shoes in a washing machine. Afterwards, the shoes are let to be dried naturally which gives them their slightly used look.

Masters hands
The campaign `Masters Hands´ was launched in January 2011 and is now continued by the cooperation between the photographers Giovanni Gastel and his 23 year old nephew Guido Taroni Gastel.

Their choice to photograph hands is significant, because all of Fratelli Rossetti´s shoes are handmade. With their photos of hands the nephews emphasize the core values of Fratelli Rossetti: tradition and innovation.

Guido Taroni, Luca Rossetti, Giovanni Gastel and Giego Rossetti

The people of whom Giovanni photograped their hands, are all creative. Most of them are famous and most of them are his friends.
Guido chose to portrait the hands of people who are ´old´ friends, such as craftsmen, gardeners, people that work on land and sea. People who have always been a part of his life.

The photos, of which one of them is of famous artist Vanessa Beecroft, have been shown at the Palazzo Serbelloni.

Vanessa Beecroft by Giovanni

The exhibition at Palazzo Serbelloni

Fratelli Rossetti