03 October 2011

Book launch: Mode van A tot Z

During Paris Fashion week `Mode van A tot Z´ was presented in Paris at Le Saut Du Loup on Saturday the 1st of October.
The book, written by Georgette Koning and illustrated by Piet Paris, is a fashion alfabet previously published in newspaper Het Parool.

Piet Paris, Bregje Lampe (Het Parool) and Georgette Koning

In `Mode van A tot Z´ Piet Paris drew the essence of 26 fashion concepts such as glamour, elegance and haute couture. Georgette Koning explains these concepts in a witty, sharp way which makes this a fun book to read.

From the A of Accessories to the Z of the dreamy fashion world (zzzz) - everything is covered and each text has its own illustration. The letters not only reinforce the texts, but also stand as illustrations on their own.

To give you an impression of the presentation, we have some pictures of all the fashion journalists from Belgium and Holland that gathered last Saturday. Enjoy!

Piet Paris, Terron Schaefer (Saks Fifth Avenue), Marc Kwakman (Studio Piet Paris)

Lieven Vanparys (Never On Wednesday Communication), John de Greef (Elsevier), Michou Basu (De Telegraaf)

Christel Geelen & Nica Broucke (ELLE Belgium), Terron Schaefer, Piet Paris

Cécile Narinx (Dutch ELLE)

Veerle Windels (De Standaard), Bregje Lampe (Het Parool), Piet Paris, Simone Dernee (Dutch Marie Claire), Michel Bos (Never On Wednesday Communication), Agnes Goyvaerts (De Morgen), Evelien van Veen (De Volkskrant)

Georgette Koning, Esther Coppoolse (Dutch ELLE), Bregje Lampe (Het Parool)

Paul van Mameren (Lecturis publishing), Georgette Koning

Nica Broucke (ELLE Belgium), Piet Paris, Simone Dernee (Dutch Marie Claire), Milou van Rossum (NRC Handelsblad)

The book will be available from Wednesday the 5th of October .

Further information
Authors: Georgette Koning, Piet Paris
ISBN: 978-90-70108-00-7
Price: € 19,95
Publisher: Lecturis Publishing