29 November 2011

“PIN UP” the knit that enhances your curves

United Colors of Benetton is about to single-handedly alter all preconceived notions about the sweater by launching "Pin Up".

There is no need anymore to hide under those loose winter knits! United Colors of Benetton’s new exclusive knitwear technology called “Pin Up” will have women embracing their curves from now on.

Sure, everyone knows sweaters are comfortable, and offer necessary protection against nature’s elements, but did you ever consider a sweater for a romantic date or as a way to show off your God-given curves?

As the leaders in knitwear, Benetton designers considered the 3-dimensional form when developing the technology for “Pin Up”, allowing its wearer to stay ahead of the curve by enhancing the bust and waist. The magic-making technique eliminates the extra fabric that can conceal a woman’s sultry curves and adds carefully placed stitching that is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Don’t take our word for it; the alluring knits need to be worn to fully comprehend just how they’ll compliment the figure.

The sexy “Pin Up” sweaters are offered in an inspiring variety of designs and colors, so that everyone can find the perfect figure-flattering style. Styles include a short sleeve crew-neck that can be worn under the button-down cardigan. Additional styles consist of a saucy scoop-neck and a more demure cowl-neck. An array of colors will be available, from more neutral ones, such as white, grey and black, to those more fashionable as red, blue and green.

What do you think? Will you wear a "Pin Up" sweater on your first next date?

The collection is available in stores now. For more information: Benetton