04 September 2012

Fashionably night's rest at Modez

Right in the middle of the fashion headquarters of Arnhem will soon an extraordinary hotel open its doors, and I will tell you why it’s so extraordinary.

Our own Dutch fashion illustrator Piet Paris has found the concept of Modez (compiled from the words Mode, design and ArtEZ), designed this hotel and the logo which will make it a true fashion hotel. But he wasn’t the only one who participated, more than 30 other designers filled the 20 rooms of this hotel with different designs whom will let our fashion heart beat faster!

All those designers are from Arnhem or studied at ArtEZ, the design and art school of Arnhem. The brands Spijkers en Spijkers and People of the Labyrints for example, but also Bas Kosters, Piet Paris, Sjaak Hullekes and Michael van der Ham. All those designers with different styles will make every room a surprise, you’ll learn more about different aspects of fashion and they’ll give you a fashionably night’s rest.

We’ll give you a sneak peak; People of The Labyrints will let you get lost in their room because of the illuminated walls and curtains. Needlework - embroidery, knitting, lace processing - is central to the craft rooms, Petra Vonk, Coppens Alberts and Klaartje Martens show modern versions of lace. The smartphone comes in handy in Antoine Peters room, where QR codes on the wall reveal spicy pictures. Also this hotel has got the smallest fashion museum; the elevator!

So maybe you’ll have to book 20 nights..

Modez will be open for its first guests at September 15th and we can’t wait.